Thursday, November 29, 2012

Conclusions of the survey performed in Latin America about the knowledge of ISO 21500 Regulation and the interest that might arouse the development of a Guide for its implementation.

The summary of the conclusions obtained through the survey, performed till 15.09.2012, is as follows:

- Of all Latin American countries invited to complete the survey, Bolivia has set itself up as the most participative country, with 22%, followed by Colombia with 19% and Argentina in third place, with 13.5%.
- A 35% of survey respondents are Project Managers and the second majority are members of project team with 24%. Sponsors and Portfolio Managers have been the less prone to respond to the survey, with 4.6% y 3.4% respectively. 
- 80% of survey respondents have more than 3 years of experience in Project Management, though 45% of those have no degree or certification in PM.
- 77% of survey respondents work for private enterprises. It might be interesting to develop strategies to reach more nonprofit organizations and public enterprises.
- Around 20% of survey respondents work for IT sector. 
- 30% of survey respondents work in companies with 1000 or more employees.
- Although 47% of survey respondents base their project management on PMBOK, the second majority has no formal process to carry it out.
- There is no formal interest in developing PMOs in the majority of companies where the survey respondents work. However, at least the 25% of them can count with a PMO of less than 3 years of running.
- The maturity level regarding Project management in the majority of companies where the survey respondents work is low (60%). There are several processes of Project management in the organizations, but they are not considered as models or organizational standards.
- The percentage of organizations where the survey respondents work that has any ISO regulation already implemented in them is close to 50%. Of this 50%, half of the organizations have had ISO 9001 Regulation implemented for the last 3 years, considering as a key driving force for the success in the implementation the collaboration of the whole organization and its managers.
- More than 50% of survey respondents declare that continuous improvement has been the key factor in the decision to implement an ISO regulation.
- Though ISO 21500 was not a published regulation at the moment of the survey development, a  30% of the survey respondents knew it already and considered that the most important improvement of the new regulation was that it articulates and consolidates different standards topics, frameworks or best practices, as well as it standardizes language.
- 55% ignores if the regulation is certifiable, but consider it should be so.  
- 50% of survey respondents consider that, if ISO 21500 regulation was certifiable, it should be so for companies and organizations.
- The answers suggest that our guide should be oriented towards those responsible and that it should include templates and examples of how to use them.
- Although 73% believes that being certified in ISO 9001 might help to implement ISO 21500, only 30% of the survey respondents knew already the regulation, which reveals that the expectations generated by the regulation are quite high. 
- A 50% is unaware of the existence of our Blogs, so it might be necessary to put into practice corrective actions to improve such spreading of information.
- Finally, 95% of survey respondents were willing to participate in a presentation oriented to help them know in detail the objectives of the ISO 21500 regulation analysis group.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Callitrans Traducciones is sponsoring our ISO 21500 Analysis Group initiative

Callitrans Traducciones is sponsoring  ISO 21500 Regulation Analysis Group by performing the translation to English of every new post in our blog:

Callitrans Traducciones is specialized in Spanish-English and English-Spanish translations of: 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Presentation at PMI Madrid Spain Chapter´s 9th Congress

Last 22.11.2012, Mario Coquillat and María del Acebo Sánchez-Macián, coordinators of the development of the Helping Guide for implementing ISO 21500 Regulation, presented the initiative at the PMI Madrid Spain Chapter´s 9th Congress, organized under the name of "9th Project Manager Meeting. Project Management´s Double Dimension: Public and Private.”

The presentation, "Publishing of ISO 21500 Regulation, Guidelines for directing and managing projects and the impact on the profession” stressed as most relevant points:

- The impact that the publishing of the Regulation is expected to have on the professionalizing of Project Management.

- PMI as key driving force in the development, spreading and implementation of the regulation.

- The story of the group of volunteers that are working on the Project for the development of the Helping Guide.

The presentation can be reviewed at the following link.
We remind you to attend the Webinar Mario Coquillat will offer on the next 28.11.2012, regarding ISO 21500 regulation and the above mentioned project. For more information please select the following link.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Next Webminar “Publishing of new ISO 21500 regulation and its impact on the profession”.

Next 28th November 2012 at 20.00 (Madrid-Spain Time GMT+1) Mario Coquillat de Travesedo will perform a Webminar in which the following points of interest will be tackled:

First part of Webminar:

- Publishing of the new ISO 21500 regulation: Guidelines for directing and managing projects and its impact on the Project Manager profession. 

Second Part of Webminar:
-  PMI as key performer in the developing, spreading and implementing of the regulation. 

To see a teaser of the presentation to be performed on November 28th, please select the following link.

To attend Webminar online, please click here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Regional Leadership Meeting presentation

On Saturday 3rd of November 2012 our coordinator in Latin America, Cristian Soto, presented at the Regional Leadership Meeting (ReM), which gathers together the leaders of the 13th PMI region chapters (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay), an introduction to ISO 21500 standard and to how our group is working on the analysis of that regulation and also in the developing of a practical guide for its implementation.
The presentation generated a space for conversation and discussion relating the future of this regulation and the benefits that it might bring to the community. Differences between the regulation and PMBOK Guide and also the relation that the regulation currently has with the certifiable ISO 9001:2008 were stressed. 
The possibility of ISO 21500 to be certifiable generated many expectations.
To conclude the session, every country mentioned the current state of the regulation in it and how each of them have participated in some stage of it, including translation to Spanish, that is currently being carried out by a team of several countries leaded by Argentina.