Thursday, February 28, 2013

Launching of the @grupo_iso21500 web page ( and the first chapter of the guide (risk management)

As we announced at the end of last year at the PMI congresses,  in which we participated using a new and original Prezi presentation  (which also helped us to learn how to use this amazing communication tool), our next milestone was to “move” from the blog towards a web page where we could develop all the ideas we already had in mind  (fortunately, we were plenty of them).

Other reason for the change in our communication plan was to be able to interact more often with our target public: all the people that, like us, are enthusiasts of Project management, well as future professionals, or well as already true experts on it, and who, like us, work to promote the development of the Project Manager profession.  

So it is great for us to give to you such awesome news, that we are now able to communicate that our dream has come true and we are launching our new web setting to share our Project with you all.  

For us, a team entirely composed by PMI international volunteers, it acquires a special value, for if managing a Project is always complex, managing a volunteer Project really needs the feeding of thrill and motivation for all the people who participates in it on a daily base. And this guides us towards the second part of this article…

In our Project Charter we planned to publish our guide´s first part (corresponding to scope 1: focused on projects) by the end of last year, making it coincide in time with the publishing of ISO 21500 Spanish version.

The delays on the publishing of that version (publishing that was necessary to align our guide´s language with regulation´s), joined to the impact economic crisis has had on the group @grupo_iso21500, (yes, it has reached us, and affected us in many different ways…) have slowed down the issue of our deliverable.

And it is right at this moment that we have given it a turn, analyzing once more the business case that used to supported it, and re-planning our deliverable to align its objectives with our new strategy. Project management in its purest state.

Following Ash Mayura´s inspiration in his highly recommendable “Running Lean”, a book that was written in an iterative way, with the participation of all its future readers (whom he called early adopters), we want to write our guide with the help and support of you all, so that we will capture all your requirements and expectations and will allow the final product to have a little bit of every person that has interacted with it during its development.

Following what was explained in the above mentioned book, we “pivot” from the initial solution towards this new proposal which, we think, fits better with @grupo_iso21500´s philosophy of sharing knowledge. In order to achieve such thing, we are going to start by publishing the chapter related to the knowledge group of risk management.

The chapter will include:  

ü  Basics, processes and metrics of risk management
ü  Templates for risk management
ü  A study case of risk management, courtesy from our collaborator and friend José Barato, Director of PMPeople and Member of the Direction Board of PMI Madrid.

To make easier the learning and comprehension of the concepts of project management included in the guide, we have used the technique of visual thinkingwith a system of icons and images that we hope will make the reading more attractive and whose meaning we will explain in a brief user´s handbook.

Periodically (about every two weeks) we will publish a new chapter, till completing the guide. The order, as you have possibly appreciated already, might not be logical, but the structure of ISO 21500 regulation itself allows such “disorder”. At the end of the deliveries, there will be some surprise about the way of presenting the information, so that it will be possible to access to it according to the user´s needs (per process, per process group, per knowledge area).

So we expect your participation in the Project, by offering your feedback in every published chapter. That will be highly appreciated, for adapting the guide according to such feedback, as well as your “feeding” us with your support, will make us able to complete the product with the necessary quality.

The web page will also include other sections, like information about the implementing of ISO 21500 in Latin America, forums, articles, courses and other news we will communicate at the right time.

If you have read this article and share our point of view, thrill and dreams, we welcome you to our Project team, for we sure need you to guarantee its success. We so invite you to register in the page to include you in the section “About us”.