Monday, April 23, 2012


Francisco Javier Rodríguez Blanco, Sponsor of this Initiative, includes a review of our Project at the last PMI Madrid Spain Chapter Newsletter (April 2012)

“In the previous newsletter, I developed a review about some of the most important proposals included in my candidacy for President.

Let me take this opportunity to focus on one of them, in particular, which concerned the promotion of volunteerism within our Chapter. Well, it is a pleasure for me to present the first initiative in this sense: The Group of Analysys ISO 21500, managed by volunteers, coordinated by Maria del Acebo Sánchez-Macián and Mario Coquillat. (

I want to emphasize that all activities of this group are being run by the volunteers involved. And our Chapter offers the media, contacts, platforms,…to help and to communicate their work. 

This is as an example of an initiative led by volunteers that generates knowledge about project management and promotes networking for the members of the Chapter. 

I want to use this initiative as an example in order to invite you to present other similar proposals.”

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