Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mario Coquillat de Travesedo, PMP Finalist at Volunteer of the Year Prize 2012

(…) Mario Coquillat, PMP, as the leader of the PMI-MSC Library Service Project, has appeared as the driving force of such Service, from the suggestion of the initiative to the leading of its implementation and operation, getting himself involved in every stage of the project, motivating the volunteer team and promoting the benefits of that Service among Chapter associates and non-associates.
Mario has shown a high level of professionalism, putting into practice the PMBOK Guide concepts for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the implementation of Service Project. This Library Service has been really welcome among the Chapter associates, for it has generated new opportunities for associates to get PDUs to keep their certifications, through book reading or through the writing of book reviews, and therefore improving the value of their Chapter membership. 
Moreover, Mario is the Coordinator of the ISO 21500 Work Group, created with the aim of predetermining the necessary steps to implement the ISO 21500 new regulation in organizations and to create a helping guide containing the  main factors to have on account in any entity willing to follow the new ISO regulation.
With this project, Mario has placed Madrid Chapter at the vanguard of Project Management, by associating the name of the Chapter to the efforts for spreading ISO 21500 regulation even before its publishing, and extending the initiative to other Chapters in Latin American countries, like Bolivia and México, and achieving their active participation in project activities. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ISO 21500 Analysis Group: Conferences at PMI Congress in Puerto Rico and PMI Bolivia Southern Cone Tour

Mario Coquillat de Travesedo, coordinator, along with María del Acebo Sánchez-Macián of the ISO 21500 Analysis Group, is going to perform, as representative of this Group, two online conferences during the PMI Congress in Puerto Rico on November 9th and during PMI Bolivia Southern Cone Tour on November 23th.
The conferences will be entitled:
Publishing of new ISO 21500 regulation: "Guidelines for directing and managing projects and its impact on the project manager profession. PMI as a key performer in the developing, spreading and implementing of the regulation. “

A brief description of those conferences contents comes attached, and among the topics the following will be discussed:
·        The publishing of ISO 21500 regulation: "Guidelines for directing and managing projects" has created great expectations as a unifier element of the different methodologies and frameworks currently existing and as a driving force of the Project manager profession. Also, it will make easier for companies managers and Project sponsors the necessary understanding of the principles and good practices in Project management, necessary to give support to their Project managers.  

·        PMI has participated actively in its development by occupying the secretary of the Project Committee TC 236: Project Management, responsible of it, and having used, among other documents, chapter 3 and glossary of PMBOK®. In the same way, as a globally referenced entity in Project management, it is assuming a relevant role in spreading and implementing of the regulation, trough initiatives as the one performed by an international team of volunteers, leaded by the PMI Madrid Spain Chapter.

·        The ISO 21500 Analysis Group ( has as an objective to facilitate and promote the use of good practices in Project management in any Project-oriented organization, through the development of a free guide for implementing the new regulation in organizations. In its first phase, the project will be focused in Spanish speaking countries, so to achieve this, a Latin American Committee has been created among PMI chapters in Latin American countries.     

The full program of Puerto Rico Congress can be downloaded from this link.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Online conference with members of PMI Puerto Rico Chapter

On Thursday, October 4th, an online conference was held with members of PMI Puerto Rico Chapter, to introduce to them the current state of the Guidance for Implementing ISO 21500 Regulation in Organizations, on the basis of its Project Charter. The following points were emphasized: 

- Introduction to Project Charter. 

- Guide´s double scope was stressed (a topic included in Project Charter). 
- The roles of Latin America coordinator for the Project and of the elected representatives of each chapter were explained.  
- The possibilities of support that might be given by the Puerto Rico Chapter, through its active participation in our Blog and also through getting us in contact with its regulating body, plus with the spreading of the Guide to develop, were reviewed.

There was a final time for questions, and during it arose the main query about the possibility of this regulation to be certifiable, to which the answer was that in the last draft of ISO 21500 the consideration that specifically mentioned that such regulation is not certifiable had been removed. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

ISO 21500 Analysis Group introduces its initiative at is a platform whose main propose is to get 100 ideas to overcome crisis. Taking the pessimistic environment that surrounds us, the launching of this initiative intends to drive us towards positive thinking and the search of solutions for our dramatic situation in Spain.
The most voted idea will be sent to media and government, with the purpose of creating pressure to get it started. (For further information, press here).

ISO 21500 Analysis Group has introduced its initiative: Transforming ideas into efficient projects Vote for us!!
It would be really positive to be able to transmit that good practices in project management and managing projects with openness and integrity are key factors to come out from the crisis, especially when PMI and its volunteers are following such direction.