Sunday, October 14, 2012

Online conference with members of PMI Puerto Rico Chapter

On Thursday, October 4th, an online conference was held with members of PMI Puerto Rico Chapter, to introduce to them the current state of the Guidance for Implementing ISO 21500 Regulation in Organizations, on the basis of its Project Charter. The following points were emphasized: 

- Introduction to Project Charter. 

- Guide´s double scope was stressed (a topic included in Project Charter). 
- The roles of Latin America coordinator for the Project and of the elected representatives of each chapter were explained.  
- The possibilities of support that might be given by the Puerto Rico Chapter, through its active participation in our Blog and also through getting us in contact with its regulating body, plus with the spreading of the Guide to develop, were reviewed.

There was a final time for questions, and during it arose the main query about the possibility of this regulation to be certifiable, to which the answer was that in the last draft of ISO 21500 the consideration that specifically mentioned that such regulation is not certifiable had been removed. 

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