Sunday, October 21, 2012

ISO 21500 Analysis Group: Conferences at PMI Congress in Puerto Rico and PMI Bolivia Southern Cone Tour

Mario Coquillat de Travesedo, coordinator, along with María del Acebo Sánchez-Macián of the ISO 21500 Analysis Group, is going to perform, as representative of this Group, two online conferences during the PMI Congress in Puerto Rico on November 9th and during PMI Bolivia Southern Cone Tour on November 23th.
The conferences will be entitled:
Publishing of new ISO 21500 regulation: "Guidelines for directing and managing projects and its impact on the project manager profession. PMI as a key performer in the developing, spreading and implementing of the regulation. “

A brief description of those conferences contents comes attached, and among the topics the following will be discussed:
·        The publishing of ISO 21500 regulation: "Guidelines for directing and managing projects" has created great expectations as a unifier element of the different methodologies and frameworks currently existing and as a driving force of the Project manager profession. Also, it will make easier for companies managers and Project sponsors the necessary understanding of the principles and good practices in Project management, necessary to give support to their Project managers.  

·        PMI has participated actively in its development by occupying the secretary of the Project Committee TC 236: Project Management, responsible of it, and having used, among other documents, chapter 3 and glossary of PMBOK®. In the same way, as a globally referenced entity in Project management, it is assuming a relevant role in spreading and implementing of the regulation, trough initiatives as the one performed by an international team of volunteers, leaded by the PMI Madrid Spain Chapter.

·        The ISO 21500 Analysis Group ( has as an objective to facilitate and promote the use of good practices in Project management in any Project-oriented organization, through the development of a free guide for implementing the new regulation in organizations. In its first phase, the project will be focused in Spanish speaking countries, so to achieve this, a Latin American Committee has been created among PMI chapters in Latin American countries.     

The full program of Puerto Rico Congress can be downloaded from this link.

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