Wednesday, May 30, 2012


ISO 21500 Group of Analysis will use GEDPRO application, thanks to the Jose Moro´s support, technology coach of the initiative. The application, intuitive and user friendly, allows a better organization of the project team members´ work, located in different places.

Jose Moro is industrial engineer and has a wide experience in different sectors (ICT, Aviation, Information Society, Industrial  Sector and Social Media) in important companies like Accenture and Ineco, leading projects across Europe. 

He has founded GEDPRO, global consultancy company, within its scope, it is remarkable the project management consulting service, technology advisor service, training and outsourcing.

Expert in Project Management, he has helped many organizations to improve their business results by incorporating and implementing project management´s methodologies and tools, agiles and predictives.

Joseph Moro  is involved in the current project as external advisor. Among his functions, he will review and improve all deliverables developed during the analysis, orientated to created a Help Guide to implement ISO 21500 Standard.

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